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Point Of Sale

You can satisfy your client’s needs with utmost efficiency! The modern architecture that characterizes the Prognosi system combines the daily demands made on your business with the increased software capabilities, turning the taking of an order into a piece of cake.


  • Split an order in two or more orders.
  • Indications in the floor plan regarding table status, e.x. available, served, not payed.
  • First/Second dishes, seats in the tables, time delayes, rush.
  • Partial payments.


  • Call recognition with multiple phones per customer and multiple addresses.
  • Automatic insert of last customer order.
  • Customer address rendering in digital map with store polygon.
  • Future orders.
  • Dispatching order mechanism and driver management.


  • Full till management, recording all financial transactions.
  • Multi order management.
  • Use of arcode scanner, loyalty, coupons.
  • Weighted items.


More than a POS

Configurable user console.
All operations accessible with one click.


Kitchen Display System

The orders are displayed in the kitchen monitor.
Easy order management and consolidated list with all the items for production.

Mobile ordering

Satisfy your customer rapidly

Take the Point of Sale to your customer with Profile Mobile. Provide your waiters with the tools they need to do their job.


Your own portal to online ordering!

Easy to use Online Delivery for every restaurant!
Gain new Customers. Increase your sales!

Back Office

Total control over your business.

Organize your business with : inventory management, receipes and ingredients, accurate item and material costing, purchasing, customer and vendor accounts and balances, staff attend cards.


  • Keep all your customer information in one place, whether they shop in-store, by telepohone, or online.
  • Customer transactions are saved to their profile where you can view their purchase history, loyalty and account balances.
  • Automatic email with mailchimp.
  • Automatic sms.


  • Create multiple loyalty programs with different reward methods for every program.
  • Every customer can participate in multiple loyalty programs simultaneously.
  • Customers can us magnetic or barcode cards.

Gift Cards

  • Easily sell, redeem, track and check balances on gift cards through your point of sale.
  • Flexible card types, use gift cards for promotions, special events, or employee usage.


Analyze sales data.

Analyze sales data by item, category, subcategory or annually, monthly, weekly daily or even per hour, date, person who makes the entry, user, customer and even more. All these data are available in a detailed way, in groups or combined as chosen and can be printed, presented in a graph or in an excel form. You can even have a comparative analysis of all the above choosing your preferred time periods.

Mobile Manager

Be in control wherever you are

Real time access to system data and reports, using whichever device you choose no matter where you are.


Get your data where you want.

This application, callects all sales data from your store to your own dedicated database.
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